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Energy Wave 4 ED

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Completely Painless


  Our ED Wave therapy uses low intensity wave therapy and is completely painless, yet still effective.  

Restores Function with Increased Blood Flow


  Our therapy works to restore function within 6 weeks by getting to the root of erectile dysfunction.  



 Not only is our therapy 100% painless, it is completely non-invasive.  All visits are convenient and last less than 30 minutes.  



 Since our therapy is non-invasive, there is no recovery time.  You will have limited time away from work and can resume normal daily activities.  

I want to sincerely thank you for inquiring into an incredible new technology referred to as Low Intensity Wave Therapy that treats erectile dysfunction. I don’t know your story but if you are like most men dealing with the frustrations of lack of performance involving intimacy issues, sometimes it just seems overwhelming and hopeless.

I understand very well the challenges of erectile dysfunction. The common options available to treat erectile dysfunction for all of us can have so many limitations that either create uncomfortable side effects, remove spontaneity with sex, or simply don’t work.

I can now tell you that a new day is now dawning for you with Energy Wave Services treatment!

The amazing technology at Energy Wave Services actually addresses the truest underlying issues that are at the root of all erectile dysfunction which is your lack of blood flow. I invite you to learn how receiving six easy treatments can turn the hands of the clock back and free you from a life chained to harsh, expensive, and sometimes ineffective options.

The device utilized for EnergyWave treatments has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of heel pain and has not been approved by the FDA to treat erectile dysfunction.  This is an off-label treatment applied under a physicians supervision.