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Low-Intensity Wave Therapy

 Perhaps the most promising hope for the large percentage of males who are now suffering from erectile dysfunction. We all are aware of the plethora of pharmaceutical drugs that work for a certain percentage of men however the problems with those drugs can be varied:  


Emerging Treatments

Emerging treatment using a totally pain-free Low-Intensity Wave Therapy is now available in the United States. Low-Intensity Wave Therapy has the ability to actually help the body create new blood flow to the penile area by generating acoustic waves that penetrate the genital area. This exposure over a short session weekly for six weeks produces a reaction in the body that encourages large amounts of capillary growth, which is what carries blood through the body. This will allow all the blood necessary to create the truest solution to erectile dysfunction because it is actually treating the cause rather than a symptom. There are no side effects or pain from the procedure. 

When you schedule your appointment with one of our physician partners offices, you will commit to one (1) treatment session per week for six (6) weeks that last approximately 30 minutes each.  A trained professional will have you lay flat on an exam table with your legs hanging off. The practitioner will use a wand to expose your body to a Low-Intensity Wave Therapy which will be practically painless. With each treatment, your body will start opening up vessels and blood flow to the genital area. This is of course the absolute key ingredient to alleviating your erectile dysfunction. Lack of blood flow is the primary reason erectile dysfunction becomes an issue with men. Now, we know that advancing age, disease, diabetes, and medication cause decreasing blood flow as men age. The Low-Intensity Wave Therapy assists even men with these conditions in their body to rebuild this weakness. Most men by session four are seeing amazing results, but it is key to complete all six treatments. Studies are showing a 70+% satisfaction rate after treatments among men with mild to moderate dysfunction. Many of these were non-responders even to the pharmaceutical drugs!

We do recommend a tune up at certain intervals but you can discuss this with your practitioner.

We are excited to bring you the potential of the incredible Low-Intensity Wave Treatments, and we are very confident you will be extremely pleased with your results.